•   Photoshop
  •   C C++ & Java Concept
  •   SQL Language.
  •   Android.
  •   Web Services.
  •   Basic Features and tools of Photoshop.
  •    Background Editing.
  •    Application Design.
  •    Animation GIF (Image).
  •    Introduction of Programming Language.
  •   C & C++ Concept.
  •   Java Concept.
  •   Introduction of Android
  •    Android Widgets
  •   Activity Life Cycle
  •   Android Menus , Services
  •   Android Fragements
  •    Android SQLite
  •    Android WebServices with XML & JSON
  •    Android Multimedia
  •    Android Devices
  •    Android Graphics, Animation,Camera & Sensor
Mobile App Development
This course conveys the fundamental skills necessary to deploy Android Apps on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. The course emphasizes proper layout of the user interface (UI), including how to add buttons, labels, textboxes, checkboxes, images and other widgets to the UI. Students will learn how to utilize Android's XML-based layout system, which builds the UI with containers and widgets, as well as how to set wallpapers and add menus to the UI. Students practice with dialog techniques including the display of popup messages. Students will learn how to program control of state changes in the Activity Lifecycle: students learn how to connect Apps to web services such as Google Maps and also how to use many of a phone or tablet's built-in features such as the camera, location service (which determines where the device is physically located) Additional topics include how to play audio and video, and standard techniques for storage and retrieval. Students employ Android Studio to create app.
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