•   Revit Architecture
  •   Introduction to Revit Architecture.
  •   Starting An Architectural Project.
  •   Creating Walls, Using The Editing Tools.
  •    Using Basic Building Components.
  •    Working with Datum And Creating Standard Views.
  •   Adding Site Features, Using Massing Tools.
  •   Adding Annotations and Dimensions.
  •   Creating Project Detail and Schedules.
  •   Creating Drawing Sheets and Plotting.
  •   Creating 3D Views.
  •   Rendering Views and Creating Walkthroughs.
  •   Using Advanced Features.
  •   Final Industrial Project.
Revit Architecture
Revit Architecture is a robust architectural design and documentation software application for architects and building professionals. The tools and features that make up Revit Architecture are specifically designed to support building information modeling (BIM) workflows. By utilizing BIM as opposed to computer-aided drafting (CAD), Revit Architecture is able to leverage dynamic information in intelligent models allowing complex building structures to be accurately designed and documented in a short amount of time. Each intelligent model created with Revit Architecture represents an entire project and is stored in a single database file. This allows changes made in one part of the model to be automatically propagated to other parts of the model, thus enhancing the workflow for Revit Architecture.
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